Our former student, actor Tom Sommerlatte, is releasing his second film as the scriptwriter and director of "BruderSchwesterHerz" in German cinemas.

BRUDER SCHWESTER HERZ by Tom Sommerlatte tells the story of Franz and Lilly with great attention to atmosphere. The relationship between the siblings threatens to crack under the pressure of the unfair challenges life brings. BRUDER SCHWESTER HERZ is young German cinema just as it should be: surprising, fresh, straight, and atmospheric.  (FBW-Pressetext)

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Arman Kaschmiri

In cinemas from 24 October 2019

The film "Bonnie und Bonnie" featuring Arman Kaschmiri (Khoshmehr), a graduate from Artrium, will be in cinemas from 24.10.2019. It was debuted in September 2019 at the International Film Festival Emden-Nordeney and featured during the Hamburg Film Festival 2019.

Together with Milena Tscharntke (Golden Camera - Young Talent Award 2019), Arman plays the role of Tufan in the film "Bonnie & Bonnie". It is a RIVA film production.

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New Tutor

Vladimir Tarasjanz

We welcome Vladimir Tarasjanz, as an experienced tutor for directing, acting and film.
Vladimir Tarasjanz is not just an absolute professional, but also a notably profound and humorous person.

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"Culture Award 2019" from the town of Flensburg

September 2019

Our tutor, the ballet choreographer, director and cultural mediator, Stela Korljan received the Cultural Award 2019 from the town of Flensburg. The jury, made up of cultural and educational members, reached their decision with an overwhelming majority.


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NDR Bigband | Geir Lysne

Our actors on the stage with the Elbphilharmonie

The principal conductor of the NDR Big Band, Geir Lysne is known for his attention-grabbing productions. He has thus opened up entirely new dimensions for the big band genre, creating musical experiences of space and time with international singers and actors from Artrium.

the Interview with Startenor Klaus Florian Vogt


Andrea Gerhard

In a leading role as Linn Kemper in "Der Bergdoktor", by the public broadcasting channel, ZDF.

Our graduate, Andrea Gerhard, acting in the popular ZDF series, "Der Bergdoktor" is now being introduced to an audience of millions.

TV Interview

Ingmar Grapenbrade

Ingmar Grapenbradecan be currently seen on stage as part of her training and also in Hamburg's Thalia-Theater" and "Schauspielhaus" theatres. "DAS", a local television news program, is showing a portrait as part of the feature "Enthusiasm for the profession of an actor". We can recommend this for everyone who is thinking about wanting to begin acting training.

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Trade Fairs 2019

Getting Started

The trade fair for young career starters in Hamburg

The Artrium was at  Einstieg  - the trade fare for young career starters – represented with a large booth together with LPKH (regional association for private creative schools, Hamburg). The trade fair took place on Hamburg's Messehallen trade fair complex. It is a great hub for talents of all kinds, and particularly for young and new professionals in the area. All visitors to the trade fare are able to find contacts that match their individual talent and can find out about suitable training courses for their creative profession. And we're there in 2020 too!

Events  2019

"AD SLAM" in Hamburg's cult "Kiez" district.

Held in the legendary GRÜNSPAN club in Hamburg.

Students staged three future theatre scenes together with three authors from Hamburg's "School of Ideas" and "Tchibo" for AdSlam 2019 in Grünspan, Große Freiheit 58. Grünspan is a cult location - in the middle of St. Pauli. This building has had a very eventful history - one of the most eventful in this district. It was opened in 1889 as a ballroom and was later rebuilt into the Hippodrome and after that a cinema. Today's music club is truly legendary and hosts concerts played by today's great musicians.

Trade Fairs 2020

Dream profession in the media


At this annual fair, students can find out more about courses in the areas of creativity and communication and find their best match (journalism, acting, graphic design, media management and lots more). Academies, private schools, universities and companies are all there.

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